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About Us

At Shinelight, you’re family.

ShineLight was founded in 2006 to serve the residential needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. As time passed, we were called to focus on the very specific needs of individuals with autism and to expand our services. We support individuals across the full spectrum of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), providing residential services, supportive employment services, and community outreach and education. Our name reflects our goal to be a beacon of hope for everyone touched by autism.

Our Mission

We seek to provide a wellness environment for individuals with autism through radiating dedication, purpose, and devotion in our daily service.

Nikki Giovanni | CEO, Founder

A local, born and raised in Fayetteville, NC, Nikki brings more than two decades of experience in serving individuals with autism. In 2006, after eight years of working with the Autism Society of North Carolina, her vision and leadership led her to create Genesis: A New Beginning, which has since grown in its services and mission, reflected by its name change in 2009 to ShineLight, Inc. As Founder and CEO of ShineLight, Nikki is committed to employing cutting-edge methodologies and uniquely qualified staff to provide the very best residential and community support for individuals with autism. When she’s not involved in her work with people with autism, Nikki can be found singing in her church choir, teaching Sunday school, and making music as Nikki Giovanni Worship. 

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Hear directly from Eather Mitchell, a Shinelight staff member, about her thoughts on working for our organization.

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Meet Our Staff

“I like doing the tasks I’m most capable of and having my needs understood.”

Wesley Branch


“It’s a broad learning experience.”

Ke’Andre Bryant

Direct Support Professional

“I like the opportunities to learn more about people with autism and the platform to help them advance in life.”

Trevon Dejournett

Direct Support Professional

"ShineLight is my support network. They've helped me a lot."

Tim Gray

Administrative Support Specialist

“I enjoy working with the people we support and making sure that they are reaching their goals.”

John Robinson

Direct Support Professional

“I enjoy working for a place that shows genuine kindness and love for the people we serve.”

Christy Lynn Sanderson

Administrative Support Specialist

"It is a joy to see the individuals we serve excel past their goals and exceed everyone’s expectations."

Nicole Whiteside

Direct Support Professional

“ShineLight works hard in making sure the people we support live their fullest, meaningful lives.”

Tanisha McKoy

Qualified Professional/ Director of Services
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