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Consistency and Structure are Key at ShineLight

When working with people on the spectrum, some key components to success include consistency and structure. At ShineLight these key concepts are incorporated to provide people with autism a sense of safety and predictability, which helps them thrive. This philosophy is reflected in the care and respect ShineLight provides to all individuals seeking autism treatment near Wake County.

What Consistency Means to Us

At ShineLight, consistency means keeping a degree of sameness. Our community knows what to expect from sessions and from staff when they enter the building. Certain things will not change. Our staff always shows up and shows support for all people. People with autism know they will be treated with dignity and respect at each visit.

Individuals also know that consistency means each individual will be celebrated and have his or her individuality preserved. Staff always maintains integrity and keeps their word when working with clients.

ShineLight also views consistency as keeping the focus on supporting the development of each individual. This support is crucial to learning to thrive with autism.

What Structure Means to Us

Structure is defined as “something arranged in a definite pattern or organization,” and ShineLight believes this structure is a key component to helping someone with autism thrive.

Structure gives the program organization and predictability. Organization helps staff and participants work toward goals more efficiently. Predictability helps reduce anxiety levels in people with autism and provides autonomy.

A structured environment means looking at and adhering to the following:

  1. Communication: What is the client’s preferred communication method? Identifying and using the preferred method provides structure to the treatment plan.
  2. Advocacy: Structure means involving a connected community in support of people with autism.

ShineLight’s founder and CEO, Nikki Giovanni Creecy, provides an e-book, “Creating a Wellness Environment for People with Autism” to help communities learn how to better support people with autism by providing consistency and structure in their neighborhoods.

Learn More About Autism Treatment Near Wake County

At ShineLight, staff advocate for an integrated, connected community where outside resources are pooled together with our own to meet every individual’s needs. Through this community that facilitates consistency and structure, we empower those we serve to live their fullest lives.

If you need more information on autism treatment near Wake County, or you are interested in reading more about creating a wellness environment in your home, neighborhood, school, etc. contact ShineLight today.

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