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Understanding Autism from the Perspective of Individuals with Autism

There are a lot of books written about people with autism, but sometimes the best insight comes from listening to the people who actually experience autism daily. ShineLight CEO Nikki Creecy makes it a point to read books authored by people with ASD. This allows her to see the person for who they are instead of developing preconceived notions about what other people think they are. This allows her to carefully craft the best approach to helping children and people with autism and is one reason why ShineLight offers autism support groups near Sampson.

Easy Error to Make

To learn as much as possible about a loved one or the people that you care about, it is easy to think that you know better just because of how much education you have consumed about autism. However, at the end of the day, you need to remember that the person you are advocating for is an actual person with autism. Not the subject of a book or a research paper, but an actual person who knows how they feel. People with autism know that most advocates have good intentions, but they need to be heard and advocated on behalf of.

Release Preconceived Notions

Everyone has their own ideas about how to help people with autism, but only the person with autism can actually shine a light on what is really useful. The best way to help an individual with autism is by listening and learning about what their needs and interests are. This is one reason why autism support groups near Sampson can be extremely helpful.

Autism Support Groups Near Sampson Help Build Self-Actualization

The best way to help individuals with autism is by coming to them on their terms, not on your own. The goal should be to create a safe place for people with autism. There is a great ebook titled “Creating a Safe Space Where People with ASD and Their Families Can Holistically and Creatively Thrive” that details how to create this type of wellness environment for people with autism.

Learn More About Autism Support Groups Near Sampson

The best way to be a true advocate for a person with autism is by learning how to properly listen and understand what an individual with autism is trying to tell you. Then you can become a leader that helps individuals with ASD turn into their own advocates. Autism support groups near Sampson can be a powerful first step in making that happen. Contact ShineLight today for more information.

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