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Inaugural 5k Run/Walk for ShineLight Connect Foundation, Raising Money for a New Social Skills Training Program

ShineLight Connect Foundation is hosting its first annual race called We Run for Autism. It will be held at 8 am on Sunday, April 16 at the Jordan Soccer Complex at the Cape Fear River Trail. Proceeds will be used to help benefit autism treatment in Fayetteville, NC by launching a new social skills training program that individuals with autism will be able to attend for free

The New Social Skills Program

A new and improved social skills training program has been a priority for ShineLight CEO and ShineLight Connect Foundation Founder Nikki Giovanni Creecy. One thing that we are now implementing is holding POM interviews for individuals prior to being able to participate in our social skills group. This interview allows us to get to know what people want, what they like, and what they do not like. In short, it is a qualitative way for us to learn what they desire their lives to look like.  Once we do these, we can set up specific programs for people and plan better what each session will look like. Doing this will further help us help those that do not have any services and set up an environment now that increases the odds that their lives will look as a whole. Current members of ShineLight will have the same opportunity to participate in these training groups.

What Will People Learn in Our New Social Skills Program?

  1. Tools for coping
  2. Tools for interpersonal skills
  3. Tools for Communication
  4. Tools for Self-Advocacy
  5. Tools for Structuring the Environment to optimize success
  6. Take Aways for those supporting group members on each topic discussed
  7. Opportunities to Practice skills taught in class
  8. Opportunities for social engagement
  9. Opportunities to develop relationships
  10. Opportunities to build a natural support network


We are making progress in raising money for this program. Between community donors and a potential microgrant from the City of Fayetteville, this program will soon become a reality. We also have generous donations from corporate donors in the community who we would like to thank.

Thank you to board member, Christine Blue, for securing a grant from Wells Fargo. Thank you to the Greek Church of Fayetteville for a generous grant that will be applied to this new program. Thank you to Silver Square Lodge for sponsoring one individual’s tuition for this program.

Each sponsor is asked to donate enough money for one participant to attend for free which is $1125.

The potential microgrant with the City of Fayetteville will be able to fund several participants. This 5k grant application has been submitted, and if granted would fund a significant portion of the cost of the initial program. This grant will also help us secure the instructor for the program.

Involvement Opportunities

Would you like to join this movement and help support the creation of a social skills training program that directly supports individuals in the Fayetteville area? Join our 5k run/walk event on Sunday, April 16th. You can register as a participant here , contact us at to volunteer, or you can register as a sponsor here

Information On Autism Treatment in Fayetteville, NC

If you’re looking for information or have questions about autism treatment in Fayetteville, NC, contact ShineLight today.

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