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Looking for Housing for People with Autism

If you or a loved one with autism is seeking residential housing, the process can be overwhelming and challenging. That’s why we’ve provided a list of things to consider when looking for housing. We also have support services here are ShineLight that can help with residential placement for autism near Durham.

What to Consider When Looking for Housing

Whether it’s you seeking your own housing or for a loved one, check out the things to consider when choosing the best residential placement for autism near Durham.

Support and Services – Can you live independently? If you need help with daily activities such as taking care of your personal hygiene or cooking your food, it may be ideal to look for housing that can provide support for your needs. It’s easy to look for housing if you can determine the specific type of support that you or a loved one needs.

Location – Do you prefer to live in an area close to attractions, recreation areas, or shopping? How about hospitals or living with close family members? If you’re working, would you need public transportation to travel to and from work? Ask yourself these questions first before deciding which residential area is best suited for you.

Interests and Preferences – Do you mind having a housemate or would you rather live alone? Would you need help with cooking your meals or do you prefer having everything prepared for you? If you love pets, some residential housing can also be flexible with having pets.

Income and Expenses – The price is also a factor. Which type of residential housing you need also depends on your budget, monthly income, and other expenses. Consider brainstorming with a family member for assistance.

Are You Looking for a Residential Placement for Autism Near Durham?

There are many resources for people with autism who are looking for housing and for those planning to live alone. At ShineLight, offer support when seeking residential placement for autism in Durham and some surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn about our services.

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