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Make Your Passion a Career as an Adult with Autism

Having autism doesn’t need to prevent you from finding a fulfilling job or career that combines your passion with your need to support yourself or your family. Many people with autism have one or two topics or areas they are strongly passionate about. This passion can be channeled into a career that supports that passion. If you are looking for jobs for autistic people near Durham, ShineLight, can help you combine work and passion in a way that enhances your life.

Great Jobs for People on the Spectrum

If you are on the autism spectrum, you may be wondering what kinds of jobs you can do that will make you happy and fuel your passion. That’s easy, think of what you enjoy doing and turn it into your job! Some great jobs based on different interests include:

  1. Math: If you love math, consider a job in accounting. While working with numbers may not be for everyone, for you it could be a dream job. Another great career for the math enthusiast is becoming an actuary for an insurance company. Actuary positions are especially good for those who love statistics.
  2. Building: If your passion is building things, you may want to look into becoming an architect or carpenter.
  3. Automotive: When your passion involves cars, there are a number of career tracks you can look at. You can become a mechanic and fix cars or learn to design vehicles and enhance safety.
  4. Kitchen: If you come alive in the kitchen, enroll in culinary school and learn how to make all your favorite dishes (and then some). The career options include becoming a caterer, working as a line cook/chef, or working in food preparation.
  5. Outdoors: Landscaping is a great career for the outdoor buff. If you love the outdoors, plants, gardening, or designing the perfect lawn, this may be the career for you.
  6. Writing/Books: If you are passionate about the written word, consider a career in journalism or writing. If you love books but writing isn’t your strong suit, consider working in a library.
  7. Computers: With computers, the possibilities are endless. You can work in coding, data entry, or web design.

Find More Information on Jobs for Autistic People Near Durham

Finding your career path begins with your passion. For more information on jobs for autistic people near Durham, call ShineLight today.

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