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Making Friends as an Adult with Autism

Friendship is considered a two-way street. To have good friends, you have to learn how to be a good friend, which is one area where adults with autism may struggle. While it is easy to identify what makes them feel good, adults with autism may struggle to correctly perceive how their actions may make others feel. This is why many adults find that autism support groups near Durham are an important tool that can be used to make friends. Not only because there may be like-minded adults at autism support groups, but hearing others’ experiences is a great way to learn what may or may not work in adult relationships.

Ways to Meet New Friends

Whether a person has autism or not, making friends as an adult can be challenging. During school years, social interaction is built into the everyday structure of life, but as an adult, opportunities may not be just around every corner. Instead, you probably need to go find opportunities to make friends, which is another potential benefit of autism support groups near Durham. Other ways to meet new friends and find like-minded peers include:

  • Playing Sports
  • Joining a Local Activity or Club
  • Spending Time at Community Spaces/Pools
  • Joining a Place of Worship
  • Joining Other Community Groups/Organizations

What is the Role of a Friend in Your Life?

A friend should be someone that you can lean on and feel relaxed around. When you are with friends, you should be easily able to have fun and talk about your daily experiences. A good friend should not make you feel nervous or anxious to see. Instead, they should make you feel good and offer you support. You want to look for a friend that shares common interests with you and is fun to hang out with.

It can be hard to introduce yourself when finding friends, so you can start by finding a shared interest and then exploring other related topics. Make sure to take turns throughout the conversation and listen to your friend the way you want him or her to listen to your point of view. You may even learn something new about a topic you love.

Benefits of Joining Autism Support Groups Near Durham

Navigating friendships at any age is difficult, which is why autism support groups near Durham are useful tools. They help you meet others and learn from both positive and negative experiences. Sometimes, you may even meet a new friend at your support group. ShineLight can help you find an autism support group and we offer many other services for people with autism. Contact us today to learn more.

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