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Our Successes in 2022 and How They Move Us Forward

We are proud at ShineLight, Inc of the successes we’ve had in 2022 and how they put us in a position to achieve our 2023 strategic goals. We always aim to provide the best family support for autism in Fayetteville and the surrounding areas.

Like in many industries, our organization had a staffing shortage due to the pandemic. Through a hiring campaign on social media and using local channels, we were able to hire 11 new staff, who are mostly Direct Support Professionals, where a few also are involved with administrative work. Hiring these highly qualified, excellent staff members has empowered us to provide the best care and supervision to the individuals we work with.

The Launch of Our St. Pauls Residential Housing Facility

Residential housing is at the heart of what we do, how ShineLight got started, and it is our direction moving forward in 2023. The launch of the St. Pauls facility in 2022 is a landmark move for ShineLight and will help us achieve our vision. Designed to care for adolescents, we are in the process of hiring for this facility and finding individuals who are a good fit for our residential program. We are excited to see what happens in 2023 with the St. Pauls facility, as it truly begins to take off and starts helping individuals learn how to thrive independently.

Progress with Shinelight Connect Foundation

Shinelight CEO and Founder Nikki Giovanni Creecy founded Shinelight Connect Foundation and is Executive Director. Over the past year, she has contracted a Marketing Director and a creative agency to help promote the Foundation and build the groundwork for success. We are truly excited and proud of the headway Shinelight Connect Foundation has made in 2022. We have recruited five highly qualified, influential, and motivated board members from the Fayetteville community, and we are in active consideration for two major grants from the city that can truly help transform lives. We have launched a new and improved webpage with an online inquiry form, which anyone with autism and a need for funding can fill out. We use this information to know what your need is and your contact information so we can contact you once a match is made.

Family Support for Autism in Fayetteville

In short, we are so pleased to have made so much progress in 2022 and that progress in 2022 is setting us up to help meet our ambitious goals for 2023.

If you’d like more information on our services for family support for autism in Fayetteville, NC, please contact us today!

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