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Our Wellness Environment at ShineLight

When working with people with autism, the environment where support occurs is vital to success. Creating a wellness environment is central to the overall wellness approach at ShineLight. At ShineLight, we aim to embody this approach to wellness and work to shape the autism culture and help individuals better understand autism treatment in Cumberland County.

Nikki’s Story

For over 20 years, ShineLight’s founder, Nikki Giovanni has worked to shape the autistic culture into a community-wide approach to management and support. She started her work as a direct support professional, grew in her passion for supporting individuals with autism, and followed that passion to the foundation of ShineLight. She worked to bring to light the rising need for support for people with autism and focused on three key areas: cost of care, rise in cases, and a call for a holistic approach to treatment.

Cost of Care

Due to the unique nature of care for autism, the costs can put a huge financial burden on a family. The average cost of care for autism is $60,000 per year depending on the level of support needed. Costs continue to rise, and access to care is becoming more difficult with long waiting lists and getting insurance approval for treatment plans.

Rise in Cases

The number of individuals diagnosed with autism is also on the rise in the United States. Recent statistics place 1 in 44 children on the spectrum compared to the 1 in 68 statistics previously reported.

A Holistic Approach to Wellness

The costs of care, coupled with the rise in cases, have led to a call for a more holistic approach to autism treatment. By creating an overall wellness environment, people with autism have great success within their local communities. The primary goal is to improve the quality of life for the person with autism, starting with the home culture and expanding into the community. Families are educated on how a person with autism enhances the family dynamic and how to educate the public on being more inclusive and supportive.

Learn More About Autism Treatment in Cumberland County

At ShineLight, we aim to create a wellness environment for everyone who we interact with. This includes understanding people and making them feel comfortable and confident. Families and communities can learn more about developing an inclusive environment in Nikki Giovanni Creecy’s e-book, Creating A Wellness Environment for People with Autism. For more information and to learn more about autism treatment in Cumberland County, contact ShineLight today.

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