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Relationships for People with Autism

People are social creatures. We all crave connection with others, and we have many types of relationships over the course of our lives. This need for connection is no different for individuals with autism. Everyone’s relationships will look different, but each relationship is significant to the people in them. If you have a family member or know someone with autism and you are seeking autistic information for parents near Wake County, ShineLight can help.

Relationship Types

Relationships take on all different shapes and sizes. From friendships to romantic relationships, working relationships to acquaintances, everyone has someone they like to share their day with. For people with autism, relationships may look different, but that does not make them less important. The benefits of these relationships significantly improve the lives of people with autism and those they are in relationships with. There are many types of relationships including:

  1. Personal Friendships: People with autism can often be open and may love sharing information on things they are passionate about. This openness can help build those personal relationships/friendships with many people.
  2. Close Personal Friendships: Those few very close friends are the ones people with autism like to spend most of their time with. Most individuals (whether they have autism or not) have a few really close friends in their circle whom they share more deeply with. Life partners can even begin as close personal friendships.
  3. Casual Acquaintances: Coworkers, classmates, or people you see in your neighborhood but don’t share as much with fall into this category. Friendships may start here for the person with autism.
  4. Interest Groups/Clubs/Support Groups: Finding a group of like-minded individuals who share their passion for a topic can lead to the development of personal friendships or close personal friendships.

Benefits of Relationships for Individuals with Autism

The benefits of relationships for people with autism include:

  1. Increased life expectancy is caused by engaging in healthy relationships.
  2. Increased happiness as a result of sharing your thoughts, feelings, and interests with another person.
  3. A solid support system that includes friends, family, partners, and coworkers.
  4. Learning and practicing new social skills within their relationships.

Looking for Autistic Information for Parents Near Wake County?

If your child, friend, family member, or someone else you know struggles with relationships, and you are looking for autistic information for parents near Wake County, call ShineLight today for more information.

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