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ShineLight’s St. Pauls Residence: Building Independence and Thriving Communities

For the past 17 years, ShineLight has been dedicated to providing residential housing for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). However, recently we expanded our mission by opening a new residence in St. Pauls, NC, just outside of Fayetteville. This new facility marks a significant milestone for ShineLight as it focuses on supporting individuals with dual diagnoses, with autism as an underlying factor. The first resident to call ShineLight’s St. Pauls facility home is Dakwaun, a young adult from Greenville who has dreams of independence. This blog explores Dakwaun’s journey, the vision behind ShineLight’s expansion, and ​​residential placement for autism near Durham, NC.

Dakwaun: A Beacon of Independence

Dakwaun is an inspiring young adult whose presence at ShineLight’s St. Pauls facility embodies the core values of the organization. With a passion for basketball and a love for spending time with his peers, Dakwaun feels that St. Pauls is “a good place to be.” He aspires to become independent enough to move out on his 18th birthday, and his residency at ShineLight is a crucial step toward achieving that goal. At St. Pauls, Dakwaun works closely with dedicated direct support professionals, committing to regular household chores, and actively participating as a valued member of the local community, particularly at the recreation center. His enthusiasm and positive behavior have contributed to his thriving experience at ShineLight.

ShineLight’s St. Pauls Facility: Fostering Independence

The St. Pauls facility stands as a true home within a residential neighborhood, carefully selected and purchased by ShineLight to nurture the growth and development of young adults. While the primary diagnosis for residents is not autism, it remains an underlying factor in their lives. Instead, the facility is tailored to support individuals with behavioral issues, with the goal of cultivating and maintaining constructive and positive behaviors. Dakwaun’s successful residency is a testament to the effectiveness of this approach.

ShineLight Founder and CEO Nikki Giovanni Creecy’s Perspective

Nikki Giovanni Creecy, the visionary behind ShineLight, shares her excitement about welcoming ShineLight’s first resident at the St. Pauls facility. She describes the experience as “an exhale” and expresses her enthusiasm for exploring new territory. While ShineLight continues to work with individuals with ASD, this new facility caters specifically to those with dual diagnoses. Creecy emphasizes the primary goal of ShineLight, which is to prepare residents like Dakwaun for independent living based on their own unique aspirations. The organization focuses on assisting individuals in achieving short-term goals that pave the way for long-term success. Ultimately, ShineLight defines success by meeting the individual goals of those we serve.

The Future of ShineLight’s St. Pauls Residence

ShineLight’s St. Pauls residence is poised for growth and success as it paves the way for a brighter future. Our organization is thrilled to announce that two additional individuals have been selected to join Dakwaun at the St. Pauls facility, signaling an expansion of support and opportunities. These individuals will soon be welcomed into the community and nurtured with care, compassion, and a commitment to helping them achieve their dreams of independence.

Learn More About Residential Placement for Autism near Durham, NC

As ShineLight continues its journey, it remains dedicated to building thriving communities and empowering individuals with dual diagnoses. The St. Pauls facility is a testament to our commitment to expanding our reach and ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their specific challenges, have the opportunity to lead fulfilling lives. With each resident we serve, ShineLight moves closer to our vision of a society where independence is within reach for all. For more information about residential placement for autism near Durham, NC, and the surrounding areas, contact us today!

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