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Significance of Language in Relationships

Language is a cornerstone of communication. Through language, we convey thoughts, ideas, feelings, beliefs, and information. ShineLight focuses on the best use of language to have a positive impact when working with people with autism. By adhering to the belief that language can make a difference, ShineLight helps clients seeking autism treatment near Durham thrive and grow in their community.

Three Key Points of Language in Relationships

At ShineLight, there are three key points to effectively using language in relationships. These key points include: choice of language, treating the client as the expert, and pooling resources.

Choice of Language

Our choice of language reflects our thoughts and beliefs. It can be direct and indirect, written and oral, verbal and nonverbal. Language reveals what you think about people, including their potential. What we hear is what we come to believe, and we believe in using language to encourage and educate.

Treating People with Autism as the Expert

No one knows autism better than the person living with it. It is important to ask more questions, deeper questions, and truly listen to the answer. This enables better understanding and deeper relationships. Here at ShineLight, our aim is to speak the language of those we serve.

Putting Resources Together

Pooling resources together means finding the right combination of care and community support to help people with autism thrive. Bringing other resources together is beneficial to both us and them. Finding out what other resources are available in the community, learning more about those resources, and partnering those with the resources within ShineLight helps us achieve so much more for our friends with autism.

Learn More About Autism Treatment Near Durham

ShineLight always aims to become better at what we do on behalf of the people we serve and that is an ongoing process. We are always learning and growing – it is at the heart of what we do and why we do it. To learn more with us in Nikki Creecy’s ebook, “Creating a Wellness Environment for People with Autism,” and for more information, or to find autism treatment near Durham, contact ShineLight today.

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