The Nikki Giovanni Light Rebrand: What it Means for ShineLight

ShineLight Founder and CEO, Nikki Giovanni Creecy, doesn’t only provide autism information for parents near Hoke, NC, she does so much more! Nikki has had a worship band called Nikki Giovanni Worship, and now she has rebranded the name to Nikki Giovanni Light. Here’s why:

ShineLight Founder and CEO Nikki Giovanni Creecy also has sung and performed worship music for many years. Her brand has been known as Nikki Giovanni Worship. Over the years though, she has become an author, speaker, and coach as well. To encompass these other roles, she has rebranded herself as Nikki Giovanni Light. The common denominator among these roles is light, and the ability to spread light in many ways to her larger community. A Bible verse that fully captures her vision is an excerpt from Matthew 5:16, “…let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Here are the ways that Nikki is letting her light shine in order to make a difference to others.

Nikki the Author

Nikki has published her first ebook on creating a wellness environment for individuals with autism. The title is, Creating a Safe Space: Where People With ASD and Their Families Can Holistically and Creatively Thrive. It is available for online purchase at Nikki has many more book projects in the works, which all have the purpose of helping caretakers best care for individuals in affordable ways. She has learned so much over the past 16 years at ShineLight in terms of working with individuals and also doing much research on the latest techniques on how to provide practical, realistic methods of improving the lives of individuals and families.

Nikki the Coach

Nikki offers several coaching services that draw on her experience working with individuals and families with autism, her background in music, her Masters in Theology, and her experiences as an entrepreneur and businesswoman. She offers vocal coaching to individuals with autism in a way that serves as music therapy, she offers customized family coaching to improve the lives of families who have a loved one with autism, she also does motivational speaking engagements to the local community, and she also offers entrepreneur boot camps to help others who are launching businesses succeed through benefitting from what she has learned. To find out more, see her online coaching page here:

Nikki the Singer

Music and singing have been a lifelong passion for Nikki and have been her ministry for quite some time. That has not changed. She still performs music, recently performing at the Fayetteville Christmas Love concert and releasing her Christmas album called “The Love Story.” The album is available for purchase on iTunes, where the link for iTunes is here: She has big plans for music in 2023, so stay tuned!

Learn More About Nikki’s Efforts to Provide Autism Information for Parents Near Hoke, NC

As you can see, Nikki Giovanni Creecy wears many hats, and everything she does goes back to her mission to give back to others and make a difference for others. Nikki’s motivation and purpose for her new brand all stem from her work at ShineLight, where what she learns from coaching, writing ebooks, and speaking goes into continually improving the methods and quality of care at ShineLight. So, whether you’re looking for information about autism information for parents near Hoke or just want to learn more about Nikki and her mission, contact us today!

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