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A Sense of Community – The Benefits of Joining Autism Parent Support Groups

For many, becoming a parent is one of the most joyful and fulfilling accomplishments of their lives.  From the time your child is born, you vow to care for, love, and support your child in any way you can. One of the most challenging things a parent can face is when your child receives an autism diagnosis.  When looking for guidance, many parents in Fayetteville and the surrounding areas may choose to seek out an autism support group for assistance.

How Parents Feel After an Autism Diagnosis

It is only natural to feel isolated after your child’s autism diagnosis. For instance, you may not know any other parents or friends who have a child with autism. Along with the feelings of isolation, you may feel uncertain about where to turn to for advice and support.  The parenting books you read in order to prepare yourself for becoming a parent may never even have mentioned how it feels to raise a child with autism.

Without guidance, it’s easy to feel uninformed about how to parent after an autism diagnosis. You may not know what to expect and advice from family and friends, while well-intentioned, may prove impractical.  Information on autism is ever-evolving, so it’s important to seek out advice and support when learning how to navigate parenting a child with autism.

Options for an Autism Support Group in Fayetteville

When parents begin seeking out support, many find that an autism support group in Fayetteville and the surrounding areas is exactly what they need in order to gain useful tools, insights, and emotional support to parent their child with autism. Fortunately, there are different types of autism parent support group options available. Support groups allow parents to share information and express their challenges and frustrations so that they feel validated and understood. The different types of autism parent support groups are:

  • Educational – These groups share the latest information on autism so that you can keep up-to-date on ever-changing autism information.
  • Family – These groups allow for your whole family to join and work together as a unit when parenting a child with autism.
  • Online – These groups are a great option for those who may not have the time or resources to seek outside assistance and who can instead find support from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Peer-led – These groups are led by other parents of children with autism and often provide a great sense of community in knowing that other parents are going through the same challenges that you are.
  • Professionally led – These groups are led by professional organizations that pursue autism advocacy and are often led by social workers and psychologists.

Benefits of Joining an Autism Parent Support Group

When you join an autism parent support group in Fayetteville, you discover other people going through the same struggles that you are and you feel less isolated and better informed. You’re able to seek expert advice, learn strategies to navigate the different components of autism, and express difficulties and emotions without feeling judged.

If your child has recently received an autism diagnosis, don’t wait until you’re overwhelmed and isolated before seeking help. Help is available and other parents of children with autism are here to guide you as well. Contact ShineLight today to learn more about the different types of autism parent support groups in Fayetteville.


About ShineLight

ShineLight is a unique organization created with the distinct purpose of providing a brighter life and future for individuals with autism. ShineLight serves as a guiding light for individuals and their families by leading the way in support services and community advocacy. Their service areas include: Fayetteville, Wake, Sampson, Scotland, Duplin, Wayne, Lenoir, Greene, Wilson, Edgecombe, Durham, Johnston, Cumberland, Hoke, Robeson, and Bladen Counties.

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