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How to Effectively Praise an Individual with Autism

For an individual on the autism spectrum, positive praise can feel a lot different than it can for a neurotypical individual. A neurotypical person may bask in the praise and redirect their behavior in order to earn more. Conversely, an individual with autism may not pick up on the social cue and will, in turn, choose to ignore it. Regardless of how the praise is received, it is an important part of any relationship in order to foster a healthy sense of self-esteem and the ability to recognize good choices. The following autism information for parents near Bladen looks at the value of praise interacting with an adult child with autism and explores effective praise for autism methods.

Different Reaction to Praise

Before you can create effective praise for autism that will help foster positive behavior, you should first explore the ways in which your adult child with autism is likely to perceive praise. Since individuals with autism may not understand or respond to emotional cues, it may appear as though your child does not recognize the praise. Whereas a neurotypical individual might glow or blush after receiving praise, most likely an individual with autism will simply note the praise with a “thank you” or “okay”.

Some individuals may react with a smile upon receiving praise without changing any of their behaviors. This is due to the fact that the individual with autism may not be linking the praise to his or her behavior. Therefore, without seeking autism information for parents near Bladen and understanding the ways to effectively praise an individual with autism, you may be unable to teach him or her the value of good decision making.

Tips to Create Effective Praise for Autism Methods

Praise is very valuable despite the fact that most individuals with autism don’t instinctively know how to accept it. By being methodical with your praise, it can serve as positive feedback that can teach autistic individuals about appropriate social interactions.

Some great tips for effective praise for autism include:

  • Get their attention – Make sure to establish eye contact or physically place your hands on the individual’s shoulder when giving praise.
  • Praise with a physical motion – The addition of physical motion such as a high five or a hug helps to hold the individual’s attention so that they recognize praise as a special event worth noting.
  • Be Specific- Individuals on the spectrum tend to be literal and direct. In order for praise to be effective, follow their example, and deliver praise in a direct and succinct manner.

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