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Autism Information for Parents to Help You on Your Journey

If you are the parent of a child who has recently been diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) you probably don’t know what to expect or what to do next. One thing you should know about autism is that many children have it. In fact, according to the CDC, 2016 data shows that nearly 1 out of 54 children are diagnosed with ASD in the US. While it can occur in any ethnicity and is 4 times more likely to affect boys than girls, it really affects people differently to where some may have difficulty in learning, speaking, and socializing, where others may be very gifted or smarter than average. This article contains valuable autism information for parents to help get you familiarized with all the wonderful resources at your disposal and what to expect down the road.

What is Autism and How Does it Affect Those in Different Age Groups?

ASD is typically a developmental disability that affects the brain, causing abnormal behavior, learning and/or speech disorders, or other. In addition, you can never tell that someone has ASD by their appearance, as they look just like everybody else; although, they may not act the same. However, some kids diagnosed with ASD have very little symptoms and by their teen years, they will usually show much improvement, and then, may even grow out of it when they reach adulthood. Another thing that’s important to note is that there are some awesome teachers who know how to help children with ASD learn so well that some may even surpass kids who don’t have ASD.

Creating a Roadmap – How To Gather Information For Parents Who Are New To This Journey

Some conditions that lead to ASD used to be diagnosed separately, but now they are included with the diagnosis for autistic disorder, Asperger syndrome, and “pervasive developmental disorder, not otherwise specified” (PDD-NOS). Together these conditions are now called “autism spectrum disorder”. Currently, there is no specific medical test, such as a blood test, to diagnose these disorders; therefore, doctors have to use their judgment of your child’s behavior to decide. As you sort and gather autism information for parents, you can help ensure your child lives a fulfilling lifestyle by creating a roadmap based on that research that involves patience, consistency, and lots of rewards for your child.

What Types of Autism Treatments and Support are Available to Assist Parents?

There is a vast system of autism information for parents of autistic children, but many don’t know about the many resources that are available to them; however, there are autism support groups for parents that not only can fill you in on what is out there for your child to get involved in and enjoy, but these experts can also help your child to learn important skills. Recent studies show that the earlier intervention is started, the more a child’s development will improve. Children can start learning some important skills to help them walk, talk, and interact with others from birth to the age of 3 years old with the proper therapy and guidance. ShineLight is a support service organization that provides autism treatment to those with ASD as well as support and assistance to families caring for a special needs child. Click here to contact ShineLight now to help you and your family along the way of your special journey.

About ShineLight

ShineLight is a unique organization created with the distinct purpose of providing a brighter life and future for individuals with autism. ShineLight serves as a guiding light for individuals and their families by leading the way in support services and community advocacy. Their service areas include: Fayetteville, Wake, Sampson, Scotland, Duplin, Wayne, Lenoir, Greene, Wilson, Edgecombe, Durham, Johnston, Cumberland, Hoke, Robeson, and Bladen Counties.

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