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How to Use Assistive Technology for Autism

Tablets and other devices are great tools for individuals with autism. Apps can be used to focus on developing language and assisting with activities. For more autism information for parents near Robeson, turn to ShineLight.

What Are the Signs of Autism?

The main signs of autism are social communication challenges and repetitive behaviors. Most individuals with autism have sensory issues whether they are over or under-sensitive to lights, touch, sounds, smells, pain, and other stimuli. Individuals with autism may not know how to appropriately use gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, and tone of voice when communicating. They can also have difficulty with expressing emotions, recognizing emotions and intentions in others, taking turns in conversations, and gauging personal space. These signs may begin early in childhood and go unrecognized and can persist and interfere with daily living. A healthcare provider can help diagnose autism and its severity which will determine the level of support a person may need for daily function.

Assistive Technology for Autism

Assistive technology includes tablets and apps which can be used to help individuals with autism develop better skills and follow routines. These technologies can be used to make a request, for daily activities, and as a reward.

In order to teach an individual with autism to make a request through assistive technology, you can model how it should be done. When the individual would like a particular object, touch the image on the device so that it says the word out loud. Repeat the word and then give the individual what they’re asking for. Anytime the person using the device says the word, reward them.

To use assistive technology for daily activities, keep a schedule on the device that has reminders pop up when it’s time for an activity. Always use steps for difficult tasks such as brushing teeth or getting dressed so the individual can follow along. Add photographs to the schedule to help with evening routines, which helps individuals with autism to stay focused.

To use as a reward, choose a behavior you want to increase such as playing nicely with a sibling. Every minute they play while adhering to acceptable social standards, give them the device. Over time, you can increase from two minutes to five minutes as they settle into a routine of positive behavior.


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