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How to Keep People with Autism Safe from Wandering

According to The Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, research has confirmed that wandering is common among individuals with autism. Nearly half of those with autism spectrum disorder have attempted to wander from a secured place. It was also found out that more than half of the individuals that wander either go missing or run into dangerous situations. If you are a parent of an adult with autism, you can seek autism treatment in Cumberland for more help and assistance.

Preventing Individuals with Autism from Wandering

There are several ways to prevent wandering-related tragedies from occurring, which include:

Use a Tracking Device

A locating device that can be worn on an individual’s wrist can be a potential lifesaver. Through radio frequencies and GPS tracking systems, you are able to locate your loved one should they wander.

Promote Safety at Home

Safety should be first priority for people with autism. Install a home security alarm system and ensure that doors are securely locked in order to prevent people with autism from leaving the home without your knowledge.

Teach Your Loved One with Autism Swimming Skills

Water safety skills learned in a swimming class can help prevent water-related tragedies from occurring should wandering occur. If you have a pool, remove all items from the pool that may catch a person with autism’s attention. You may also want to alert your neighbors to your loved one’s special needs and ask neighbors to secure their swimming pool for your adult child’s safety.

Alert First Responders and Neighbors

By communicating with your neighbors and your community about your loved one’s special needs, you can create a network of people who can help look out for your adult loved one with autism. Introduce your loved one to them or provide photographs so they can recognize him/her should they leave your home without our knowledge. Make sure you include important information such as medical needs and contact information.

Stay Prepared at All Times

Create a wandering prevention checklist, which includes a list of information and steps to help you keep everything ready for your adult child’s safety. Be sure to amend safety plans to include other locations such as work and community activities.


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