autism residential homes in fayetteville | ShineLight

We have residential living options for men and women.

Residential Support

We assist and support you in living your best life.

The level and nature of support needed by individuals with autism is unique to each. Whether in their own home or living in one of our 24-hour ShineLight residences, we assist clients with a range of needs. Shinelight clients can receive support services wherever they live.
If they live independently, ShineLight has staff that can travel to their home to offer a variety of services, such as medication management or teaching and building new skills.
autism residential homes in fayetteville | ShineLight
Some individuals need 24-hour support, and for them we have multiple ShineLight residences. In our homes we create a family community where each person feels welcome. Residents have a sense of ownership, comfort and safety. In our ShineLight homes, housemates enjoy each other’s successes and constant support.

Residential Support

Supportive Employment

Community Living

Hunter's Story

Hear how Hunter has thrived at Shinelight over the years from his mother.

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Contact us to set up an appointment for an assessment to help determine what services we might provide and what insurance and Medicaid coverages might allow.
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