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What Are Some Well-Suited Career Paths for Individuals with Autism?

Choosing a career path can be a difficult decision for anyone to make. Individuals with autism may find that they have an increasingly difficult time identifying a profession that they would like to pursue. However, these individuals have many satisfying career options that suit their various proficiencies. Below, we’ll discuss potential jobs for autistic people near Robeson and the ways in which you can help prepare your loved one for entry into the workforce.

How Can Families Help Prepare Loved Ones for Finding Jobs for Autistic People

If your loved one is searching for jobs for autistic people near Robeson and throughout North Carolina, there are many ways in which you can encourage their preparation. Some options include:

  • Encouraging your loved one with autism to volunteer. The experience will teach team-building skills and help familiarize them with the structure of a professional setting.
  • Enrolling your loved one in an autism employment training program. These programs offer practical skills to help acclimate your loved one to the idea of employment.
  • Helping your loved one practice job interview questions. Your loved one may have difficulty communicating in ways that are traditional during job interviews. Helping them to practice with the question and response structure will assist them when it comes time to interview for their career.
  • Assisting your loved one with their resume. Help them by providing insights and feedback into what an employer is looking for and encouraging them to emphasize their own strengths on their resume and in the interview.

Common Proficiencies of People on the Autism Spectrum

Although your loved may face some challenges as a result of being on the autism spectrum, they have many abilities, interests, skills, and proficiencies which will help them enjoy a rewarding career. Some of these proficiencies include:

  • An interest in animals
  • The ability to remember facts
  • An aptitude for technical details
  • A keen eye for visual design

Types of Jobs Available for Autistic People – In Robeson and Beyond

Every individual varies in their interests and abilities. While there is a wide range of career paths an individual with autism could take, a few options include:


Notably, many individuals with autism have an affinity for facts and the ability to approach situations in a very logical manner. These skills can be a great asset in a position where they’re required to research and present information without bias.  Because of this, individuals who pursue a career in research may find great success. Some examples of careers in the research field include genealogist, librarian, or fact-checker.

Animal Science

Individuals with autism may find that they have an easier time interacting with animals than they do other humans. This ease of interaction with animals may make individuals with autism well-suited for jobs in jobs related to animals and animal science. Some jobs that they may consider include equine trainer, zookeeper, dog walker, groomer, or veterinary technician.

Art and Design

Due to autistic individuals’ often keen attention to detail, they may excel in careers that need an eye for detail such as careers in art and design. These careers include photographer, architect, animator, and more.

When it comes to finding your loved one jobs for autistic people near Robeson and the surrounding areas, consider reaching out to ShineLight. Our assessment tools help them identify their skills and interests and then we directly connect and place them in jobs that give them that perfect fit. Connect with ShineLight today to learn more.


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